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Pond Dredging in Croydon, UT

pond dredging in Croydon, UT is the process by which pond muck, sediment, and sludge that has built up over time is removed by a machine. This process can be done in a couple different ways, but each process has the same end goal:

  1. Increase pond depth
  2. Improve pond appearance
  3. Benefit pond health

One more thing that's always the same: Dredging your pond is very expensive.

Why Dredge My Pond?
Pond dredging sometimes becomes necessary when pond depth becomes too shallow for the pond to be self-sustaining. Ponds reach this point from years pond chemical treatments, algae blooms, and/or neglect. As a result, pond muck continues to build upon itself until a pond that was originally 8 feet deep is all of a sudden just 2 feet deep.

In this event, your pond becomes a cesspool full of algae and unpleasant odors. pond dredging in Croydon, UT. pond dredging in Croydon, UT. Don't bother looking for wildlife or fish, because they won't be able to survive. So the real question is...
How do you prevent reaching this point?

How can you avoid the need to dredge your pond? (And avoid spending all the money that comes along with that process... )

3 Solutions are Listed Below:

1) Pond Management
A pond is like any other feature on your property - it must be taken care of. If you ignore it, you'll pay the price down the line.

What happens if you ignore your garden? Or your yard? Or your furnace? Exactly...
Manage your pond. Pay attention to it. Give it the care it needs to become an asset to your property. Clean, healthy ponds can increase property value by up to 20%! Whereas dirty ponds can end up decreasing that property value by 10-15%.

The simple act of paying attention to your pond, managing it, and taking the necessary actions can be the difference between enjoying a relaxing pond atmosphere and shelling out the cash for dredging.

2) Pond Aeration
Pond aeration is one of the best ways to guard against the need to dredge. This is the step that pond owners with foresight will take in order to secure a healthy, sustainable pond ecosystem for years to come.

Benefit #1: Aerating your pond allows for a healthy ecosystem to take hold. Healthy pond ecosystems break down algae and debris instead of letting them turn into muck. No muck = no dredging.

Benefit #2: An efficient, effective aeration system will induce enough mixing of the water to keep the sediment / muck particles suspended in the water column. This way (in the event that they are not all broken down right away) the oxygen-rich water column can do its work over time. This prevents muck from settling and creating the need for dredging.

3) Pond Bacteria and Sludge Fighter
Pond bacteria and Sludge Fighter Pellets are a great way to combat algae and muck in the short term, while still maintaining a healthy ecosystem.

Both of these solutions are completely natural, and promote the health of the pond (compared to chemicals that kill algae, but also harm the pond).

Bacteria works along with the aeration to break down all of the nutrients in the water that create algae growth.

In the event that you have started to accumulate some muck, Sludge Fighter Pellets will work to break them down so that you won't end up with a problem that is impossible to solve other than by dredging.

In Conclusion...

Don't make a bigger problem for yourself by neglecting your pond. Take care of it with some of the approaches recommended above. It will increase your property value, and prevent the need for expensive dredging.

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